THIS IS how the story begins.....

Our story begins in a small bedroom across from Alamo Square in San Francisco.

Both of us came from different backgrounds totally unrelated to soap making. Liz was a branding and marketing strategist in New York City, working with some of world’s top consumer brands. Tanya was working in finance, launching her own fintech startup with the goal to create transparency in the cross-border real estate transaction space.  Although the business gained traction and support from tech giants like Google and Tencent, Tanya still felt something was missing. At the same time, Liz was also feeling unfilled.

After many sleepless nights and hours on the phone, we both decided a change in lifestyle was sorely needed. After a long hiatus, we got together to chart a new life course. Time off reminded us of what we loved to do and what we were passionate about. We cared deeply about social justice and believed that we could help make a difference in our own way.

As we both shared acne and abdominal issues since childhood, we were exposed to different types of medicines and natural remedies across different cultures. We put our knowledge together and continued to research natural remedies from around the world. As soon as we started down this path, we knew that we had found our calling. 

We believe that everyone deserves a natural and safe beauty lifestyle. That’s why we created How to look Pretty. It is our mission to help others create homemade products using ingredients that are free of preservatives, toxins, and additives while being gentle to our skin. 

Join us in rediscovering how to make all-natural soaps through our original soap recipes. You can also partner with us and help spread the joy of natural soap-making to others. As we are also passionate about helping others, we donate a portion of each sale to promote social justice and assist those who have been victims. Join our community and be part of the all-natural movement! We send our love from the San Francisco Bay Area to you!

   Liz and Tanya

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We love using simple recipes and natural ingredients you can find easily

We commit to give 5% of the profit to unprivileged and support #metoo survivors

Starting a soap business can be scary! We know the ropes and can help you get started

Want to take the best poop ever?

Make Unicorn Poop Slime, Unicorn Rainbow Bath Bomb, Melt and Pour Soap and Magical Unicorn Body Butter to Unleash Your Unicorn Power  

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