20 Color Candle Wax Dye for Soy, Palm, Coconut and Scented Candles


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  • SOY CANDLE WAX DOSAGE: Only 0.02-0.06 oz. of candle wax dye is needed for full coloring of 1 lb. of the candle mass. This amount of candle wax beans will suffice to make the candle vibrant and pure color.
  • SOY WAX DYES: We offer high quality solid candle making dyes, suitable for wax and paraffin bases. These dye chips for candles, don’t clot, the candle surface doesn’t flake or tarnish with time.
  • WAX CANDLE DYE: The candle variety includes 24 packs of 3.5 gram The candle dye beads for candle molds dissolve at temperatures between 150 – 170 °F. Mix DIY candle wax dye carefully for a minimum of 2-3 minutes.
  • CANDLE WAX SAFETY: We present you only with what we would have bought ourselves. These wax flakes are cruelty and vegan free. They are non-toxic, animal friendly, irritant and stain free, gentle and safe to skin
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