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Trigger Impulse Buys at Craft Fair

9 Sure-fire Strategies to Keep Customers Swarming at Your Handmade Soap

Everyone starting a handmade soap business needs to try participating in a craft fair. This entails strategies for capturing the actual market of the handmade soap and making the brand stand out from the rest.

But enticing a customer to buy handmade soap not only requires a good handmade soap made from a safe soap recipe and quality soap making supplies. It also takes convincing promo offers they can’t say no to and persuades them to purchase a handmade soap making kit right then and there.

So here’s a list of different methods everyone can carry out at the next craft fair you’ll be attending:

1. Create Urgency

Some customers who like your particular handmade soap might put off buying them immediately. We want to eliminate this scenario by creating a promo wherein they can only claim an item or a discount for a limited time.

A sense of urgency helps in their decision making by showing them that there’s no other time to buy this exclusive handmade soap other than the opportunity you’re offering them.

2. Highlight Exclusivity 

There’s nothing more tempting than being part of an exclusive club with special privileges.

You can establish this by releasing a special collection that will only be produced at a limited amount. For example, your limited DIY Bath Bomb or handmade soaps.

The customers will feel that only a lucky few will get their hands on this item so they need to purchase immediately before the stocks run out.


3. Bundling 

Match your bestselling handmade soap with less noticed items or a new handmade soap you’ll be launching. Customers think they are purchasing at a cheaper amount for the price of two since they are already familiar with the former merchandise. This, in turn, encourages trial for your second item to help boost the rest of your collection.

4. Show your Social Proof 

Have your handmade soaps been used by others already? Capture these testimonials and include them on your selling point to increase your brand credibility. Being available on other platforms such as Etsy also validates to your business to other potential buyers.

5. Establish an Emotional Connection 

When interacting with customers, be genuine when talking about your brand. Talk about your bath bomb recipe as an example and how safe the ingredients are. Communicate your handmade soap highlights in a concise and friendly manner in order to invite questions and keep the conversation going in order to get to know your customers better.

6. Add Complementing Items 

Complete their customer’s experience by not only offering your main craft merchandise but by also upselling through an add-on. Decide on which handmade soap complements the item they just bought and suggest it to the buyers. This will increase not only your revenue, but for them to maximize their purchase as well.

7. Be Strategic at Positioning 

People are visual and would set their eyes already on what they are looking for. With this behavior, make sure to position your impulse handmade soaps near your most sought-after merchandise. Another approach is to put these items near your checkout counter for the last minute purchase.

8. Choose Impulse handmade soaps Wisely

Not all items in your collection should be an impulse item. Determine which handmade soaps are last-minute-buys and leverage on their benefits.  One of our buyers shared a story of creating unicorn bath bomb as the “hook” to encourage purchase over $50 at family’s farmer’s market.  Since anything unicorn was “in”, this supposedly “free gift” became the best seller of the fair instead!s

9. Stimulate Excitement or Novelty 

With the array of handmade soaps being sold everywhere, there’s nothing more important than making your merchandise unique to convince people to purchase your items immediately.

Creating an impulse need for your customers to buy your handmade soap may sound challenging at first. But following the strategies above can help develop your overall approach to how you want to sell your merchandise. Remember to implement what works and improve on it as you go along.


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