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Thanksgiving Pie Cold Press Soap Recipe from Our Reader

Thanksgiving is around the corner! I am sure you have already had at least one pumpkin pie. Usually, I don’t care too much for pumpkin spice pie, nor Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte. And I haven’t yet made any soap that looks like food but hey, who can turn down this soap recipe shared by our reader Caroline from Cleveland.  You don’t even need a lot of soap making supplies to make this!

I have tried making one and will try this soap recipe again to make some more cakes.  Since it takes around 4 -6 weeks for homemade soaps to cure, I can still make some festive cheesecake soap for Christmas gifts!


cheese cake


This Pumpkin Pie Cold Process Soap Recipe is so versatile that you can use it to make all types of cake soaps.   Once cut into slices, the Cake Pan Silicone Mold creates a realistic pie shape. Coffee bean ground is added to the soap for the bottom crust layer and is also piped on top for a crimped crust appearance. The majority of the soap is colored with the blend of our gold and walnut Mica from our All-time Favorite MICA pigment set.  Since Caroline’s recipe do not include fragrance oil, that will potentially create discoloration.  You will not need to make the orange color brighter nor add the titanium dioxide.  If you prefer to add the fragrance oil, you can visit soap queen for recipes with fragrance oil. 

Follow these recipes to make yummy avocado soap 

Soap making kit you will need to create 3 pounds of soap-

  • Cake pan Silicon Mold
  • 13 1/2 oz Distilled water
  • 4 B Frosting tip
  • 11.5 oz Coconut Oil
  • 10.5 oz Palm oil
  • 1 oz Pumpkin seed oil
  • 1 oz Cinnamon powder or cinnamon essential oil (Learn how to make essential oil yourself here)
  • 12.5 Rice bran oil
  • Coffee bean ground
  • MICA pigment set 


  • 4B frosting tip
  • 2 oz Cocoa Butter
  • Frosting Bags

Here you go! Big thanks to our Caroline Shoemaker from Ohio! And you know what? We’d be happy to post your recipes as well and it’d be fine if you have already shared it on your blog.  Simply write to us here.   If you are looking for more soap making

Happy Thanksgiving and Xmas!


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31 Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations with your Kids


If you want to try something new this year, these breathtakingly easy-to-make DIY Halloween decorations will help you! Since we recently introduced candle making dye, we thought you’d enjoy these creative ideas that you can do with your kids! 


  1. Skull and Bones
  2. Rotting Corpse Scarecrow
  3. Spider Nest
  4. Haunted Specter Mirror
  5. Floating Witch’s Hat Luminaries
  6. Creepy Bloody Pillar Candles 
  7. Glow-in-the-Dark Pumpkins
  8. Bat Branch Centerpiece
  9. Halloween Poison Bottles
  10. Glowing Eyes
  11. Sugar Skull Wreath
  12. Trick-or-Treater Greeter
  13. Spooky Painted Doormat
  14. Halloween Luminaries
  15. Trick-or-Treat Topiaries
  16. Pumpkin Patch Wreath
  17. Ghost Terrarium
  18. Skull Candle Holders
  19. Spooktacular Full Moon
  20. Candy Corn Garland
  21. Witches’ Brooms
  22. Skull Vase
  23. Eyeballs in a Tree
  24. Zombie Hand
  25. Floating Candles
  26. Mason Jar Monsters
  27. Mummy Pillow
  28. Easy Halloween Garland
  29. Cheesecloth Ghosts
  30. Melted Crayon Pumpkins
  31. Crystal Ball Candlesticks


DIY Halloween Decorations for a Spook-tastic Season


1. Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations
How to Make Halloween Decorations | DIY Skull & Bones Photo by DIY Projects

All next-level Halloween decor need to have the truly spooky elements: a skull, bones, and bloodshot eyeballs! There’s no reason to buy expensive store-bought decor when you can simply do it yourself. Kids will definitely have a great time painting their own skull and bones, too!

2. Rotting Corpse Scarecrow

Rotting Corpse Scarecrow | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations
Make a Creepy Rotting Corpse Scarecrow | Outdoor Halloween Decorations Photo by DIY Projects

Corpses evoke an otherworldly and spooky thrill! Put this creepy rotting corpse scarecrow outdoors and send chills down your trick-or-treaters’ spines as they approach your haunted manor.

3. Spider Nest

Spider Nest | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations
DIY Halloween Decorations – Spider Egg Sacks Photo by Kayla Kreates

It’s not Halloween without spiders everywhere–creepy crawlies are a staple of the season. These clever spider nests make use of white stockings, cotton or polyfill, a baseball, and plastic spiders.

4. Haunted Specter Mirror

Haunted Specter Mirror | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations
Haunted Specter Mirror | DIY Halloween Decoration Photo by DIY Projects

Mirrors are definitely another spooky element this Halloween. We’ve all let our imaginations run wild with spooky mirrors at one point. With some supplies and a few easy steps, you can have a haunted specter mirror that’s sure to give your party guests that one memorable fright.

5. Floating Witch’s Hat Luminaries

Floating Witch's Hat Luminaries | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations
Floating Witch Hat Luminaries Photo by Polkadot Chair

How do you keep them afloat? Everyone will be dying to know. These floating witch’s hat luminaries will make your home the talk of the neighborhood, simply because they add a bit of ghoulish magic to your porch.

6. Creepy Bloody Pillar Candles

Creepy Bloody Pillar Candles | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations
Creepy Bloody Pillar Candles Photo by Candle Tech

Now here’s a truly unsettling DIY project for all the candle-makers out there. Light these creepy, bloody pillar candles up in a dark room, and you’ve got a truly blood-curdling conversation starter. It’s perfect for Halloween night dinners!

7. Glow-in-the-Dark Pumpkins

Glow-in-the-Dark Pumpkins | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations
DIY Glow In The Dark Pumpkins Photo by I Love Create Blog

These are not your ordinary Jack-o-lanterns! These glow-in-the-dark pumpkins might not be fresh, but they surely add a glowing, otherworldly look to spruce up your Halloween decorations.

8. Bat Branch Centerpiece

Nothing says Halloween quite like a flurry of bats. Make your own bat branch centerpiece to decorate your home. Though it requires a couple of key supplies such as bat cut-outs, branches, and a cylinder vase, the end result is worth all your time and effort. A must-have decoration if you are hosting a frightfully fabulous event!

9. Halloween Poison Bottles

Halloween Poison Bottles | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations
Halloween Poison Bottles Photo by Magia Mia

If you’re dressing up as a witch, this is the perfect Halloween decoration for your home! After all, what’s a witch without her bottles of potions? You can get creative with the labels in this one. There’s no need to buy additional materials at the store, as you can simply be creative with whatever you’ve got lying around.

10. Glowing Eyes

Glowing Eyes | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations
Glowing Eyes Halloween Crafts Photo by All For The Boys

Let your kids’ creativity flourish with these DIY Halloween crafts! Let them create and cut out the design while you achieve the glowing eyes with some LED tea lights and ping-pong balls. These will make great additions to both indoor and outdoor decoration!

11. Sugar Skull Wreath

Sugar Skull Wreath | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations

Sugar Skull Wreath Photo by The Crafted Sparrow

There’s nothing wrong with adding some flowers and ribbons to your Halloween ensemble. I don’t know about you, but I think felt flowers add a little color to the somber season. This sugar skull wreath is sure to be a welcome change from all the blacks, whites, and grays of the holiday.

12. Trick-or-Treater Greeter

 Trick-or-Treater Greeter | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations
The Diy Trick-Or-Treater Greeter Photo by Handmade Charlotte

Your trick-or-treaters will surely have a happy Halloween if they are greeted by Big-boned Al at your door. For an even bigger surprise, tug on his strings and see him move around–that’s sure to make the kids giggle and squeal. Who wouldn’t want a friendly trick-or-treater greeter on their front porch?

13. Spooky Painted Doormat

Spooky Painted Doormat | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations
Painted Doormat Photo by April Crafts Nest

Entice your Halloween party guests to enter if they dare! Liven up your entryway with this spooky painted doormat that will surely give your guest a spooky thrill. It’s an understated but effective decorative piece you’ll be using for years.

14. Halloween Luminaries

Halloween Luminaries | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations
Pottery Barn Inspired Halloween Luminaries Photo by Not Just Decorating

Your kids will surely be glad to lend you a hand in making these easy-to-make DIY Halloween decorations. Get your creative juices flowing with these Pottery Barn-inspired luminaries.

15. Trick-or-Treat Topiaries

Trick-or-Treat Topiaries | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations
Trick-or-Treat Topiaries Photo by Crafty Sisters

These trick-or-treat topiaries are sure to help put all your Halloween candy to good use. These are truly sweet and colorful additions to your DIY Halloween decorations. They look almost too good to eat!

This pumpkin wreath by @kshah520 is perfect for next week’s #Halloween festivities! What do you think? Let us know in the comments below! #DIYProjects

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16. Pumpkin Patch Wreath

Pumpkin Patch Wreath | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations
How To Create 3 Festive Halloween Wreaths Photo by Caitlin Cawley

Hang this pumpkin patch wreath on your door, against a wall, or anywhere in your home. With a little hot glue, faux pumpkins, and a bit of your creativity, an ordinary wreath could be the star of your ultimate DIY Halloween decorations.

17. Ghost Terrarium

Ghost Terrarium | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations
Ghost Terrarium Photo by Small Fry

Halloween doesn’t need to be scary. Why not have your own pet ghost at home? Kids will spend hours designing little ghost friends to place in their new home. This ghost terrarium is a great project for youngsters who aren’t quite ready for big and scary ghouls.

18. Skull Candle Holders

 Skull Candle Holders | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations
Skull Candle Holders Photo by Endlessly Inspired

Here’s a project that elevates cheap, store-bought plastic skulls into spooky and sophisticated candle holders! These are sure to look impressive on your Halloween tablescape. Nobody would ever know it’s a DIY project!

19. Spooktacular Full Moon

Spooktacular Full Moon | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations
Halloween Front Porch Decor Photo by North Story

Everyone knows the goblins and ghouls come out when the moon is full. An old pillowcase, embroidery hoop, and a light source are all you need to create this spooktacular full moon that will definitely cast a chilling glow over your front porch.

20. Candy Corn Garland

Candy Corn Garland | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations
Halloween Candy Corn Felt Light Garland Photo by Atta Girl Says

What’s Halloween without candy corn? With its distinct orange and yellow colors, candy corn is a classic Halloween treat. A few scraps of felt and some fall foliage makes this super cute candy corn garland.

21. Witches’ Brooms

Witches' Brooms | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations
DIY Witches Brooms Photo by Tastefully Frugal

DIY Halloween decorations don’t need to cost a pretty penny. Fallen branches, some tall grass, and stalks of weeds make up this DIY witches’ broom. The materials basically cost you nothing! These cheap outdoor Halloween decorations are the perfect way to turn some trash into a treasure.

22. Skull Vase

Skull Vase | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations
Diy Skull Vase And Halloween Party Decor Photo by Persia Lou

Looking for a chic way to spook up your Halloween party? Check out this sophisticated skull vase décor, which is made using a foam skull and some paint. Honestly, I think the finished product looks like an expensive designer piece. This is for anyone who wants to put some oomph into their Halloween festivities.

23. Eyeballs in a Tree

Eyeballs in a Tree | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations
Eyeballs in a Tree Photo by The Princess & The Frog

The hardest part of this project? Getting up in the trees and putting these eyeballs in place. Get plain white beach balls and transform them into eyeballs in a tree to give your trees some quirky personality. If you don’t have a tree around, any household plant will do, too!

24. Zombie Hand

Zombie Hand | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations
Easy Halloween DIY Zombie Hand Decor Photo by Consumer Crafts

Turn a regular photo frame into a zombie attack with this nifty, three-dimensional project idea for zombie lovers. This DIY project takes no time at all, and you can get creative with how you paint the zombie’s hand. Add some gashes, cuts–make it as gruesome as you like!

25. Floating Candles

Floating Candles | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations
Floating Candles Photo by Chris Loves Julia

A Harry Potter fan? Transform your house into a perfect venue for Halloween celebrations with DIY Harry Potter floating candles. Freely floating in the air with a bright golden flame that will never die off! Isn’t it amazing?

26. Mason Jar Monsters

Mason Jar Monsters | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations
Mason Jar Monsters Photo by Mason Jar Crafts

Mason jars are affordable, reusable, and best of all–perfect for DIY Halloween decorations! These mason jar monsters are a great project for pretty much anyone, from little kids to craft newbies. Making them will be a cinch!

27. Mummy Pillow

Mummy Pillow | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations

Mummy Pillow Photo by Rebecca Propes [Make & Do Studio]

Who says mummies can’t be cute? Add some coziness to the Halloween season by making this quick project. Pillows are, after all, one of the easiest ways to add seasonal flair to a room. You can even make several to make an adorable mummy family in your living room!

28. Easy Halloween Garland

Easy Halloween Garland | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations
Easy Halloween Garland Photo by Growing Up Gabel

Looking for something quick and simple? This easy Halloween garland might just do the trick. Who knew bright-colored yarn could be used to make pumpkins, ghosts, and spiders?

29. Cheesecloth Ghosts

 Cheesecloth Ghosts | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations
Cheesecloth Ghosts Photo by One Good Thing

Cheesecloth and fabric stiffener are the two key materials to make these clever standalone ghosts. You can also attach them to strings to hang them up from the ceiling. The kids can help out by drawing and sticking on the facial features! Place these up on bookshelves, the mantelpiece, even outside–anywhere that needs a little ghostly cuteness.

30. Melted Crayon Pumpkins

Melted Crayon Pumpkins | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations
DIY Fall Halloween Melted Crayon Pumpkin Photo by Mom Spark

Here’s a project sure to add a bit of color to your decoration! This DIY melted crayon pumpkin makes use of crayons to make wacky colors on an actual pumpkin. It’s a great way to make use of broken crayon pieces that you’d otherwise just throw away. Melt whatever color you fancy!

31. Crystal Ball Candlesticks

Crystal Ball Candlesticks | Breathtakingly Easy-to-Make DIY Halloween Decorations

Spooky Crystal Ball Halloween Candlesticks Photo by Beverly Mc Collough [Flamingo Toes]

This one will be the talk of the town, for sure. Everyone will be curious to know the sorcery behind the floating images. Is it some new technology? Is it magic? Little do they know, these crystal ball candlesticks are actually so simple and easy to make!


Still got time for more scary DIY Halloween decorations? Check out this video from WhatsUpMoms:

Halloween is truly a wonderful time to decorate your home. Both kids and adults alike will love and enjoy watching the transformation of your home from your everyday decor to a ghoulish Halloween manor. So what are you waiting for, pick two or more from this list and get started on your DIY Halloween decorations!

What are your favorite DIY decorations for Halloween? Let us know in the comments section below!

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color made happy marbled pumpkins

30+ Super Easy Pumpkin Painting Ideas and Video

Painted pumpkins are perfect for Halloween. Enjoy these super creative pumpkin painting ideas!


Painted pumpkins are so much fun. Have you ever painted a pumpkin before?

There are so many unique and creative ways to paint a pumpkin. I’d rather make a painted pumpkin any day than deal with carving a pumpkin and touching the gooey guts inside. This girl is a fan of no-carve pumpkins!

You can paint real pumpkins and fake craft pumpkins.

This video tutorial shows you four fun ways to paint a pumpkin!

Pumpkin Painting Video Tutorial

I’ve also gathered over 30 pumpkin painting ideas to inspire you. There’s a style for everybody… spooky, colorful, sophisticated, whimsical. You’ll have a hard time choosing which painted pumpkin to make! Click on the text link above each picture to see more about how to make each individual pumpkin idea.

Plaid Painted Pumpkin:

plaid painted pumpkin

Striking Black and White Pumpkins:

black and white painted pumpkin

Marbled Pumpkins with Nail Polish:

marbled painted pumpkins

Paint a Pair of Silly Witch Legs:

witch shoe painted pumpkin

Artsy Hand-Painted Pumpkins:

painted pumpkin ideas
Gorgeous Floral Fall Painted Pumpkins:

fall floral painted pumpkin

Spooky Word Painted Pumpkin:

spooky word painted pumpkin

Cinderella Glitter Pumpkin:

glitter painted pumpkin



Neon Dipped Pumpkins:

neon dipped painted pumpkins

Metallic Painted Pumpkin:

Abstract Colorful Pumpkins:

abstract painted pumpkins


Muted Tones Painted Pumpkins:

soft heritage painted pumpkins

Vintage Chalk Paint Pumpkins:

chalk painted pumpkins

Faux Bois Painted Pumpkins:

faux bois painted pumpkin

Pour Art Painted Pumpkins:

pour art painted pumpkinFun Black and White Pumpkins:

black and white spooky painted pumpkins

Letterboard Pumpkin:

letterboard pumpkinBaseball Pumpkin:

baseball painted pumpkinFunny “Pun”kins:

funny words painted pumpkins

This might be the most beautiful painted floral pumpkin ever:

floral painted pumpkinMetallic Glitter Drip Pumpkins:

metallic glitter drip pumpkins

Glow in the Dark Dot Pumpkin:

painted pumpkin idea glow in the dark

Colorful Fall Pumpkins:

colorful painted pumpkins

Watercolor Pumpkins with Glitter Stems:

glitter stem pumpkinsSharpie Owls:

sharpie owl painted pumpkins

There you have it… tons of creative ways to paint a pumpkin. I love the hand-painted floral pumpkins best, but I’m not sure I’m a good enough painter to pull them off. Which was your favorite pumpkin?

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