The Secrets to Making the Best Essential Oil Blends for Soap

Fragrance oil

Ever since I’ve tried out essential oils, I’ve been wanting to try to make some for myself.

So one Saturday morning, I dashed to my local apothecary to buy some soap making supplies. Once I got my soap making kits, I tried making fragrance oils, and I can say I have no regrets at all!

I think it is definitely worth my time and effort especially after creating something that’s enjoyable and beneficial for my handmade soap. How to make soap without essential oils? That’s preposterous! It does not only benefit my soap business but my temporal well-being.

With this, I can say that the increasing popularity of essential oils will be here to stay for a long time. Essential oils are really essential in every sense of that word.

What makes it essential?

The essential oil is directly extracted from different parts of a plant or a tree. The oil from a plant or tree is concentrated, transferring all the healing compounds of the plant into a bottle of oil.

Did you know that one will need 65 pounds of rose petals just to fill a 15ml bottle of rose essential oil? Amazing, isn’t it? Now, that’s powerful! Nature has given us this gift, so why not use it?

Essential oils have been used in ancient times and has been found to be helpful in many ways up to this day. If you are not aware yet, essential oils are used for medicine, food, cosmetics, and perfume. Add aromatherapy and of course, soap.

After you learn how to make soap, it will always be a great idea to add fragrance oil or essential oil for soap to complete your soap making routine. 

Find out how to make soap here with avocado here. 

Once you’ve tried adding essential oil for soap, you will never want to run out of this as one of your homemade soap making supplies in your soap making kits. Knowing more about using essential oil for soap will surely add spice to your soap making hobby or business.

Using essential oil for soap will add fragrance to your finished product and bring a ton of health benefits as well.

Are you ready for the best part? Let me share to you the secrets to making the best essential oil blends for soap that you can start making now.

Find the Best Essential Oil For Soap

There are lots of variety of essential oils you can choose from, but remember that essential oil for soap may be different from essential oil for medicine or food.

Here, let me tell you some kinds of essential oil for soap that you can choose from. I like to call this the essential oil blending starter pack.



Lavender Essential Oil

This essential oil and fragrance oil in one is one for your soap making kits. The best one to use is lavender 40/42, also known as Lavandin. True lavender may be too strong as an essential oil for soap. (See more about fragrance oil here.)

Lavender is ideal to use for those who want to mass produce handmade soap because the aroma always remains the same or standardized.

Flower petals like lavender petals, rose petals, and the like are also great additions when using lavender as an essential oil for soap.

Complete your soap making kits by adding lavender, rose petals, etc. to your homemade soap making supplies.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Just like the lavender fragrance oil, you also need to choose the right kind of Rosemary as your essential oil for soap. The usual fragrance oil of choice would be the Spanish Rosemary and the Moroccan Rosemary. You may also choose your own fragrance oil depending on your type.

To get best results, it is always great to have actual flower bits like flower buds and rose petals available into your soap making kits.

If you haven’t got into soap making yet, then this is your chance. Click this link to learn how to make soap.

Lemon Essential Oil

Doesn’t the smell of the actual lemon fruit already refresh you? Just imagine using it as an essential oil for soap.

If you already knolw how to make soap, you will also know that you want to use ingredients for their lasting effect on the skin. Folded lemon essential oil for soap can do just that.

Your soap making kits will not be complete if you don’t add this fragrance oil as one of your homemade soap making supplies must-haves.

Want to add more flare into your soap making business? Try making it more fun by adding color to your soap product. You can find some homemade soap making supplies here.

Cedarwood Essential Oil

Unlike the first two fragrance oils mentioned above, if you want to use Cedarwood as an essential oil for soap, you can get to choose the variant that you want. That’s because all varieties are good to use for soap making.

The woodsy aroma of this fragrance oil can be a good match to lavender or rose petals as well.

What can rose petals possibly add to the value of your soap? Find out more about it by clicking this link.

Patchouli Essential Oil

The combination of aromas found in Patchouli makes it a unique fragrance oil to add as an essential oil for soap making. Feel free to choose the variant that suits your type or your client’s type. You can choose between the dark and light variants of Patchouli.

If you are looking for a fragrance oil that will guarantee long-lasting aroma, then consider this your go-to fragrance oil to add in your soap making kits. Never run out of choices in your homemade soap making supplies again with this unique fragrance oil.

Clary Sage Essential Oil

Here is another unique fragrance oil for those who do not want to smell like a hundred more people. The fragrance oil may not be on the popular side, but it surely is a way on how to make soap making a notch higher.

To make your soap product more interesting, why don’t you add some color and dried buds and petals to it. You can find lavender, rose petals, etc. by clicking this link.

Orange Essential Oil

The fresh smell of oranges is always a relaxing and refreshing scent to smell. Just like the Patchouli essential oil, this fragrance oil also has long-lasting aroma when mixed with soap. Who doesn’t want to smell fresh all day, right?

Having said this, I think having orange essential oil is an essential item for your soap making kits.

Another good thing about this essential oil for soap is that it is easy to blend with other homemade soap making supplies you have available.

Peppermint Essential Oil

COOL! Just hearing the word peppermint already sends coolness all over my body. This essential oil for soap makes a good addition to your collection of homemade soap making supplies.

Though it can be tricky to use and blend (especially for beginners,) everything will be cool once you master the craft of blending peppermint.

If you are new to the business of soap making, you can find tips that can help you to start how to make soap and how to set prices in this blog post.

Bergamot Essential Oil

Want to add a little spice to your soap? I might just found the right fragrance oil for you. Bergamot essential oil for soap will give your soap a combination of citrus and a kind of spicy floral aroma

It may not be easily available in all homemade soap making supplies store, but once you found one, don’t let go. Why? That’s because this is a gem in a way that it can easily be blended with other fragrance oils you have in your soap making kits.

Why not make your soap more attractive by adding flower petals to it such as lavender petals,, lily petals, rose petals, and the like? You will be amazed by what you can do with your homemade soap making supplies.

Tea Tree Essential Oil

Is there anyone here who doesn’t love tea tree oil? It may not always be the first choice when it comes to choosing a fragrance oil, but when it comes to choosing the essential oil for soap (especially facial soap) this one is a keeper.

If you know how to make soap, try adding tea tree oil to your usual soap making recipe and you’ll be amazed with the results.

Your soap making kits will gain a superstar in skin care in the form of tea tree oil.


The Pros and Cons

To help you decide which kind of essential oil to use, refer to the chart below to give you an idea about the price, availability, and popularity of each essential oil mentioned above.

Essential Oil Estimated Cost (per pound) Is it readily available in most stores? Is it popular among soapmakers?
Lavender $40 to $100 Yes Yes
Rosemary $35 to $60 Yes Moderately
Lemon $25 to $100 Yes Yes
Cedarwood $15 to $40 Yes Moderately
Patchouli $45 to $100 Moderately Moderately
Clary Sage $100 to $200 No No
Orange $10 to $25 Yes Yes
Peppermint $35 to $60 Yes Yes
Bergamot $70 to $120 No No
Tea Tree $30 to $50 Yes Moderately

Now, remember that these are just estimates and prices may vary from store to store or season. Don’t get discouraged by the low popularity of your chosen essential oil. At the end of the day, it will all depend on your type.

Explore The Essential Oil Blend That Will Suit Your Need

Do you feel tired? Too sleepy? Are you an insomniac? Is your body sickly?

There’s a lot of questions to consider when blending essential oil for soap. You can be overwhelmed with the many good things that blending essential oil for soap can bring to your life. Yes, your life!

If you will ask me, essential oil blend is the answer to almost everything that you need on a daily basis from cleaning to health needs. It has it all. Now, before you start taking out all your homemade soap making supplies, soap making kits, and fragrance oils take note of what I am about to say.

In blending essential oil for soap, it is essential that you find out first what you need. Are you blending for therapeutic or aromatic purposes?

Therapeutic Blends are those that help ease emotional or physical conditions. Though the aroma is still important, these blends are more leaning on the therapeutic effect rather than the aromatic effect.

Aromatic Blends are of course, ones that satisfy not only your sense of smell, but spread to all of your senses. Did you know that research has shown that smell can have an effect on almost everything, from your emotions, stress levels, to concentration and sleep? Different fragrance oils can have different effects on our bodies.

Have Homemade Soap Supplies and Fragrance Oils Ready

Now that you know about the essential oil for soap that you want, it’s blending time!

What you need:

  • choice of fragrance oils and essential oils (Remember to have the good quality ones for best results.)
  • Testing strips (to check the right aroma)
  • Tiny glass bottles
  • Glass bottles with dropper
  • Handy dandy notebook

Know The Category Of Your Essential Oil

Just like when you first learned how to make soap, there are things to consider before you start blending or mixing all your ingredients up.

With essential oil for soap, you can’t just blend anything you want. There is an art to it, and it starts with categorizing them first.

Here is a list of the categories of the essential oil for soap we listed above. You’re welcome!

Citrus – Lemon, Orange, Bergamot

Earthy – Patchouli

Floral – Lavender

Herby – Rosemary, Clary Sage

Medicinal – Rosemary, Tea Tree

Minty – Peppermint

Woodsy – Cedarwood

There you go! You’re one step closer to creating your very own blends!

Which fragrance oils can you blend together?

The fun part of blending essential oil for soap is that you can mix and match according to your liking. Combine, combine, combine. That’s all you actually have to do. As simple as it may sound, you might also want to take some tips (especially those who just started to learn how to make soap and how to blend essential oil for soap.)

Tip #1: You will never go wrong with combining oils from the same category.

Tip #2: Opposites attract. Combining oil from complementary categories make a good match.

Tip #3: Try these possible combinations:

  • Floral goes well with woodsy and citrus.
  • Woodsy is good with any of the categories.
  • Earthy and Herby smell great with woodsy and minty.
  • Minty goes well with woodsy, earthy, herby, and citrus.
  • Medicinal can be combined with woodsy.
  • Citrus will smell great with floral, woodsy, and minty.

Let me tell you this. Blending essential oil for soap is not a walk in the park. It can get tedious, and patience can come in handy. Once you get the hang of it, you can possibly make more of your own combinations soon.

Now, you’re ready to blend fragrance oils with colorants and dried flowers! Read here to find out more.

Dance to the Music of Essential Oil Notes  

In blending fragrance oil and essential oil for soap, maintaining a balance between your combinations is the golden rule.

Just like dancing, dance steps need to be aligned with the music’s rhythm and beat. Otherwise, the dance routine will look scattered and unfinished. That’s how it is with blending fragrance oil as well. We need to find the right blend to ensure the best quality through the essential oil notes.

The notes tell you how quickly the essential oil aroma will fade. For all you know, your blend smells good and easily fades away within the day. We don’t like that. I am a sucker for quality, so I won’t let you be in that situation.

What are the essential oil notes?

  1. Top Notes – They are the first scent that you smell, but they also evaporate quickly. They are mostly from flowers, leaves, and flowering herbs.
  2. Base Notes – They often have earthy scent. The deep aroma lasts the longest. They are mostly from trees, roots, and barks.
  3. Middle Notes – They are like the “neutralizer” of top and base notes. They are often from whole herbs and spices.

When making your own blends, it is good to start with three different fragrance oils first. So, you can have one top, base, and middle note.

It can take a bit of practice before being a master at this, but you will not regret putting in your time and effort at this. Being a “maestro” of essential oil notes can get you to greater heights with your soap making business!

Put Just The Right Amount of Oil Into Each Blend

When you first learned how to make soap, you got yourself used to ratios. I hope you did because you will find it useful when you make your own essential oil for soap.

Though you are free to make your own ratios, here are two of the common ratios that you can use (so you will not waste any of your homemade soap making supplies or drain the items in your soap making kits.)

Just remember these three magic numbers: 20-30-50! What does that mean? Just use 20% base note, 30% top note, and 50% middle note. That is 2 drops of your base note, 3 drops of your top note, and 5 drops of your middle note, for a total of 10 drops in all. Keep this in mind and you’re good to go.

I am all about simplicity, so if you are like me, you will love this blending ratio. You can actually choose to drop equal amounts of oil especially if you want to blend oils from the same category. It’s that easy!

Now, we’re ready to blend!

If you haven’t collected enough confidence to make your own unique blends yet, don’t you worry because I have collated some quick and easy essential oil for soap blends for you.

Choose Quick and Easy Essential Oil Blend Recipes

Get your homemade soap making supplies, soap making kits, and fragrance oils ready because you are about to start your essential oil for soap journey right now.

LAV Your Self

After a hard day’s work, it is always good to reward yourself with a long warm bath.

Mix 1 part lavender fragrance oil with 1 part peppermint essential oil.

Mix the blend with your favorite homemade soap making supplies.

Scatter rose petals in your tub and bathe yourself with the LAV Your Self soap to help you calm down with the lavender and feel invigorated at the same time with the peppermint.

Relaxation at its finest!

For homemade soap making supplies and soap making kits,  simply click on this link  and get a freebie for your purchase.

ORANGE You Pretty

Aren’t you feeling pretty everytime you go out of the shower fresh and smelling so good? Try this and you will want to hit the shower more often.

Mix 2 parts orange essential oil with 1 part vanilla fragrance oil.

Have this ready in your soap making kits, so you will never run out of this heaven sent blend ever again.

Learn about how to make soap here.

You’re The Man!

Do you think only ladies get luxurious baths? Men do too! Here’s something for the men of the house.

Mix 1 part of patchouli essential oil and 1 part of cedarwood essential oil with 2 parts of bergamot fragrance oil.

Tie this up with homemade soap making supplies, and your man will adore you.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab those soap making kits now and make your man fall in love with you all over again

Charge Me Up

Start your day with a fully-charged you with this energizing essential oil for soap.

Mix 3 drops of peppermint essential oil, 3 drops of lemon fragrance oil, and 2 drops of rosemary essential oil.

If you want to know how to make soap making more exciting, making this blend for your clients can charge them up with ordering more from you.

Grab homemade soap making supplies and flower petals such as lavender and rose petals here for your soap making kits.

Lemony Softy

If you’re one of those who just want a subtle but lasting impression, then this may be the scent for you.

Mix 3 drops of clary sage essential oil and 3 drops of lemon essential oil with 2 drops of lavender fragrance oil.

The soft scent of this blend will surely make you a head-turner as you leave that soft, lasting scent every step of the way. It will also be nice to incorporate some actual petals like lavender petals and rose petals in your soap.

Feel Better

Wash away those sniffles away with the Feel Better soap. Don’t you hate those sniffles? Don’t you want to get rid of them quickly?

This might just help you with that. The aroma from this essential oil blend will help you feel relieved.

Mix 4 drops of orange essential oil, 4 drops of tea tree essential oil with 2 drops of lemon fragrance oil.

Just imagining the aroma already makes me feel relieved. Now, this is how to make soap not only a cleaning agent but also a healing agent.

Those are just some of the blends you can do with essential oil for soap. There are countless more blends you can try and create. To try fragrance oils in soap recipes, click here!  Adding fragrance oil to your soap making kits and homemade soap making supplies wouldn’t hurt. It can actually give more value to your products.

That’s about it, ladies! I know you’ve got plenty more blends you want to try. Feel free to comment down below and share to us what you have discovered.

If you find this helpful, go on and share this article and this site with your family and friends!

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