9 Tips on Having Your Handmade Soap Bag ‘Em Money at the Craft Fair

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The main objective for those starting a soap business is making a profit while doing what we love!  

Nowadays, the rise of craft fairs has skyrocketed to capture every business which covers various needs. These setups create an inviting atmosphere that encourages vendors and customers to interact with each other with convenience and comfort.

To maximize your investment towards this venture, here are several tips that would help you improve your soap making kit brand and business potential in a craft fair:

 Tell Your Story 

Being at a craft fair enables vendor and customer interaction that online selling does not get to offer as much. Presence at a craft fair adds a personal touch by letting you talk about your story and tell them why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Talk about why you decided to sell your DIY bath bomb and handmade soap as an example. There’s no better conversation starter than letting people in on the background of your product and eventually how it can benefit them along the way.


Ever bought an item just because the packaging looks good? Not only does your handmade soap need to look appealing, it should come in attractive packaging as well. This needs to complement and reflect your brand whether it’s quirky, chic or over the top in order to create a coherent look and feel for your products.

craft fair 4
craft fair 4


Name your Collections 

What should you consider when naming products? Make sure this is relevant and induces customer recall. Your handmade soap will be remembered by buyers either by anchoring on benefits, using wit or creating personalities that resonate with them.

Use Seasonality 

Create collections on top of your current bunch by offering them on a specific period aligned with the current seasonal theme. Not only are you targeting your current buyers. You’re also creating a market for their family and friends through gift giving which can eventually increase your handmade soap brand’s word of mouth and product awareness.

Turn Buyers into Followers 

There’s nothing more valuable these days than your brand’s presence on social media. This creates a community of followers to keep them updated with your new offers and where they can purchase.

Create your brand’s community through the craft fair by encouraging them to like or follow your page. Naturally, once they do they get more ideas on how to make bath bombs and handmade soap or organic soap and bath bomb recipe. In exchange, share with them a small token from your booth, such as sample item they can bring home for free.

Product Bundling 

One of the oldest tricks in the book is putting together some of your products and creating promo bundles. This is an effective strategy in increasing awareness. Product bundling also encourages trial for a new product or one that is less bought when it’s partnered with your bestsellers.

Create an Interactive Setup 

You want your booth to be visibly appealing and make it stand out from the rest. Making it inviting attracts more people to approach you. It also creates better opportunities for you to talk about your handmade soap product.

Ensure that you have samples from your collection that are available for the people to touch and try for a more personal experience.

Product for a Cause 

Integrate social responsibility to your business by getting in touch with charities who will also benefit from your product. Share the charitable involvement of your brand in order to let customers know that they are not only patronizing a good product but they are also supporting people who made your brand available in the market.

Compelling Offers 

Research and implement offers that are attractive to your customers. Irresistible promos can encourage them to buy handmade soap even if they aren’t looking for your product in the first place.

Propel your product towards potential loyal customers and consequently boost a following by capitalizing on these strategies. Assess your business performance afterwards because there’s no better way to develop your craft than learning from experience.

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