Follow These Easy Steps to Make Adorable Unicorn Horn Salt Bar

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Since we starting sharing Unicorn bath bomb recipes,  we have also been receiving the requests on how to make unicorn salt bar!  Thanks to Loving Soap who shared the article and video tutorial, now we can start making cute Unicorn Horn Salt Bar.


What is a salt bar?

A salt bar is usually a soap made with 50-100% of oil weight in salt. For instance, if your salt bar dish consists of 32 oz. of coconut oil as well as 8 oz. of castor oil, after that you would certainly utilize 20– 40 oz. of sea salt.

If you are brand-new to soap making, do make sure to find out the essentials prior to trying this fun tutorial. Take a look at our blog articles for your soap making or bath bomb making. To be safe, always use gloves and protective glasses.


Why in the world would we want to make a salt bar?

Uh.. Because I am tired of paying over $15 for one salt bar at LUSH when I can make a batch for under $15…

Sea salt is cleansing, attracting and also works as an astringent.
Salt bars last PERMANENTLY in the shower. In my experience, they last much longer than routine bar soap. (This is a wonderful marketing factor.).
Salt bars are tough! Salt soap remedies out incredibly difficult. Salt bars are fantastic for private tooth cavity mold and mildews that you can not normally make use of with your routine dish. The soap obtains hard rapid and also will certainly stand out right out.
They are low-cost to make. Salt bars consist of primarily coconut oil (a less costly oil than claim … olive oil or shea butter) as well as sea salt, hence producing a quite cost-effective bar of soap.

They are conveniently marketed as health club kind or face bars of soap.  These days, we all prefer to pay more and get the benefits out of the sea salt, especially for these unique set of bars of soaps! If you are running a soap business or thinking to start a soap business, do scroll down to get more tips and inspirations to 10X your soap business. 


What do you need

Coconut Oil– 405 grams (90%).
Shea Butter– 45 grams (10%).
Salt Hydroxide– 63 grams (20% superfat).
Water– 126 grams.
Penalty Sea Salt– 225 grams.
Lavender Important Oil– 10 grams.
Lemongrass Crucial Oil– 10 grams.
Queens Purple Mica– 1/2 tsp.
Multi Color Mica– 1/2 tsp. Read more about how you can use MICA here.
Caribbean Blue Mica– 1/2 tsp.

Have a look at the video clip posted by lovingsoap below to see just how to make it!


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