We learned. We listened. We have some new ideas.  We listened to our gut and are giving it a try. 

In life, there are circumstances that drive you to take a leap into the unknown.

This leap is often driven by a sense of accomplishment, the need of survival and the need of building a sense of self-confidence, even when others don’t believe in you. 

In countless situations, that self-confidence leads to an amazing ride and big wins. 

Sometimes that same confidence can lead you astray, or even cause one to make mistakes.

We like to see that all mistakes as  learning opportunities and blessings in disguise.  🙂 

In 2017, we started our e-commerce business though different marketplaces before our website was even built.  Thanks to God’s blessing, our sales reached seven figures in roughly a year because of you. 

In June, 2018, as we were busy preparing to launch the product, the following thoughts kept racing through our minds:

– Are these products the best quality you can find in the market?

– How can we really make a positive impact to the individuals or the society other than making financial contribution?

– What can we best use of what we have?

It has always been clear to us that this business should be about making a positive impact, however big or small.  We are always thinking of ways to give back  and look to do more that just make financial donations.  Our principle is to sell products that we would be comfortable using ourselves and having our children use as well. 

Within a couple months, we decided to take the time to thoroughly research new products. We wanted to make sure any new products would be of the highest quality and comes from ethical source. 

In other words, it  means that our revenue will suffer and we give up this high sales season this winter.   But we also feel somewhat in peace, knowing that although our collection are limited, we are proud of the products we offer. 

We really believe in our mission is to help moms and artisan soap makers. The only one way to move forward is to stick to this belief as it one of our core values. 

Going forward, we will curate more free resources for fellow soap makers as well as those who are thinking to start a soap business using our experiences of starting and running a fintech startup that was backed by Google associated initiative. 

We are still in the process of evolving our business to the next  level. If you want to participate, visit our About page and see how you can to get involved! 

Thank you everyone for your support. With kindness and humility, onwards we go. 




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